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CCCOE Technology Systems RETAIN Training Videos

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CCCOE is adopting a new email retention policy. Part of the policy will state that all email will be retained for 1.5 years and then destroyed. In order to comply with this policy we will only use the RETAIN system to archive your email.

We will be turning off the GroupWise local archive feature in GroupWise on February 6, 2012. You will not be able to access the archive function in GroupWise after 02/06/2012. The Retain system is taking the place of our Groupwise archive function. You will not be able to open any old archives which you previously saved to your computer. We have sent out 'countdown' notifications as the date draws near. This should give you plenty of time to save any necessary emails from your archive into MS Word format and then store on a network drive. The web address of the RETAIN system is:

Our email system now operates in the following way:

Your GroupWise mailbox will hold up to 18 months of email, as long as you stay within your mailbox storage limit. All email older than 18 months will be deleted from your GroupWise mailbox. All email is automatically being archived into the Retain system nightly and has been since mid Febuary 2011. You will not be able to delete any email that has not been archived into Retain. Since Retain archives all your new email nightly (anything sent or received), the longest an email will be prevented from being deleted from your trash will be 24 hours.

You can delete anything you want within your Groupwise mailbox. Please continue to delete emails with large attachments or emails you do not need to reply to in Groupwise as you need to stay within your mailbox storage limit. Know that you can always find any email that was sent or received within the last 18 months by searching for it within RETAIN. There is no storage limit in RETAIN.. Your RETAIN account will hold up to 18 months of ALL email sent and received by your Groupwise mailbox. Any email older than 18 months will be automatically deleted from RETAIN. Email that has an age less than 18 months can NOT be deleted from RETAIN.

Remember, GroupWise (our email system) was never intended to be used as a file cabinet. Thanks for your help in making this transition. Please call or email me if you have any questions.

-Mac Carey

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